Review - The Sample Room Package #3

I can't seem to stop getting these samples.  I am opening my 3rd package from Sample Room .  As usual, I was impressed by how fast it w...

I can't seem to stop getting these samples.  I am opening my 3rd package from Sample Room.  As usual, I was impressed by how fast it was delivered.

Ordered June 26, 2014
Arrived June 28, 2014

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Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

I got this full-sized 200 mL bottle for 40  points.  Like the typical Dove bottle, I love the way they design it in such a way that it's easier to handle. The moment I open it, the smell is heavenly. It makes me feel so feminine. Consistency of the body wash is average - not too thick but not too runny either. When applied to the skin, you can feel the moisturizers and glides into your skin. It's so soft that sometimes I wonder if it was able to remove all the dirt in my skin? :) Overall, my experience in using this is great!

Full Size: 200ml/ 400ml
Price: PHP 90/ PHP 175
Sample Size: 1 pc. 200ml

Social Media:
Twitter: @doveph
Instagram: @doveph

Overall Verdict: Like it a lot and will definitely buy it again

Belo AcnePro Treatment Toner

For 50 sample room points, I was able to grab this full-size, 60 mL bottle of Belo AcnePro Treatment Toner.  I have dry skin. When I used the toner, it gives me that stretched-out feeling and the sting was only bearable. Although it dried up my pimples, it also leaves my skin dry. Maybe I'll need to use a moisturizer along with this one. One thing I noticed is that my face feels so thoroughly clean and it unclogs my pores.

Full Size: 60ml
Price: PHP 79.75
Sample Size: 60ml (full-sized)

Twitter: @belo_essentials and @belokojic
Instagram: @belo_essentials

Overall Verdict: Somewhat like it and will probably buy it again


Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash - PhP90.00
Belo AcnePro Treatment Toner - PhP79.75

Total Worth of Samples = PhP169.75

I only paid for the shipping which is PhP130.00

Total Amount Saved = PhP39.75

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